Botox® Treatment for Dental Health and Beautiful Smiles

Many people associate Botox® with smooth, youthful skin and the reduction of wrinkles.  But the process by which Botox®treatment creates a younger appearance is also the process by which some dental conditions can be treated and dental work can be enhanced.

To help you better understand the benefits of Botox® for dental or esthetic treatment in the dental practice we’re offering, for a limited time, 

Free Dental Botox® Consultation

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Frequently Asked Questions
about Botox® treatment and therapy at Dille Dental.

Q: Why is Botox® Treatment offered at Dille Dental?

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Q: How does Botox® work?

Q: How long does a Botox® treatment last?

Q: Does Botox® deaden your facial muscles?

Q: Is Botox® safe?

Q: How can I learn about how Botox® treatment will work for me?